Choose Right Electrical Contractor with 4 Simple Tips

Being both a sub-contractor and contractor, one can experience all the issues that come with home electrical contractors. Being a hard working contractor Astec Electrician- an electrical contractors has successfully delivered plenty of projects meticulously within budget and have witnessed projects fail at the hands of insincere contractors.  Since, Astec has encountered lots of good people go through stress, agony and loss of hard earned money due to the recklessness of many dishonest contractors.

Hence, Astec Electricians present these 4 simple tips to protect you from such situation and choose the right service provider for any electrical issue.

Verifying their license

You should check and verify if they have a contracting license. If so, what condition it is in. To do that, you can ask them to provide you with all the necessary valid documents to prove their legitimacy. Remember, it is not wrong to do such thing as you will be investing a fair bit of your valuable time and money on them.

Checking the license will help you verify few important things and they include:

  • License status and the condition it is in.
  • Any complaints or issue with the license
  • Expiry date of the license

Obtaining as my information as possible

You should check for some previous references to help you understand the type of service provider they are. Ask for some prior customers that you can speak with or view the works they have done on their property. Ask for the photos of the projects that they have successfully completed and find out if they have a website. In this day and age, almost every business has a website. In their website they generally post all about their business aims and achievements alongside the services they provide and the costs for it. The more information that you can collect; the more confident you will become at choosing the one best suited to your criteria.

Low pricing alone is not an indicator of the right contractor

Don’t choose an electrical contractor based on the pricing alone. Many consumers that I have worked with overlooks all the other negatives once they find the services at a cheaper quote. Budget is very important, however, it is a bad idea to choose a service only based on the pricing category.  Rather you should try to find out why they are offering their services at a lower price than the standard pricing or the other contractors.

Avoid making the full payment in advance

Another thing that many of the clients do is pay everything at the start. This gives an opportunity to the unreliable electrical contractors to misappropriate the funds. You should pay them on a planned basis to guide them to a level of progression before making the next installment. This will make ensure that they are getting paid for the progression of their work and will take the task sincerely and you will be able to monitor the progress of their work closely.

Ask Your Electrical Contractor To Install LED Lighting For Your Home

Have you converted your lighting system with LED lightnings yet? If not then do it now! Why? It is the most eco-friendly, energy and cost-efficient lighting system you can find in the marketplace at the moment! By 2030, we could save up to 190 terawatt hours of electricity per year, if we start using LED lighting. This equals to around $15 billion. There are several benefits of using LED lightnings and they are described below.
Energy Efficiency

LED lights are 80% more energy efficient than any other conventional lighting including fluorescent, incandescent and halogen lights. LED technology converts 95% of energy to emit light which is just the opposite for other types of light commonly used in traditional houses and offices. A typical 84 watt fluorescent light can be easily replaced by a 36 watt LED light for the same level of lighting intensity. Additionally, less energy consumption means reduced demand from power plants and decreased greenhouse gas releases into the environment.

Greater longevity

LED lights do not burnout or dim over time. They usually have a lifespan of 30,000 to 50,000 hours or even longer, depending on the quality of the lamp, which is 6 times higher than the other types of light. Therefore, you do not need to frequently replace it. LED light can lower the labour costs of bulb replacement significantly, helping you achieve a lower maintenance lighting system.

More durable than the others

Since they do not have filaments or glass enclosures, LED does not break and are largely immune to vibrations or other impacts. While traditional lights are usually covered in glasses or quartz exterior that are more likely to break.

No IR or UV Emissions

Do you know that less than 10% of the power used by the traditional lightnings is actually converted into visible light? The remaining of it is converted into IR (Infra Red) or radiated heat. The excessive heat and UV (Ultra Violet) radiation are actually hazardous to us. LED’s do not emit any IR or UV rays.

Due to the rapid advancements and improvements in the LED lighting technologies, we have the access to a superior level of lighting system at cheap. They are highly reliable and cost-efficient and saves incredible amount of energy. Additionally, they are eco-friendly too. Therefore, when you get an electrical contractor for your home or office make sure to adjust and arrange your lighting system using LED lightnings .

4 Vital Reasons That Proves Why You Should Hire An Experienced Electrician!

There are numerous benefits associated with getting your electrical works done by a professional electrician. For instance, it helps meet the unique electrical needs of your residence or workplace thus keeping your home or business safe from potential electrical fires or mishaps. The benefits of hiring an experienced electrician are countless. Here are some of the essential uses of an experienced electrician:

Safe-guard your home from mishaps

A professional electrician is well-informed on detecting the faulty wiring that possess the risks of causing serious mishaps such as catching fires. An experienced electrician will guide you on installing the right cables and electrical systems to keep your house safe and protected from any electrical mishaps.  They will also help you adjust the right volts to keep your appliances protected from any kinds of damages.

Make your residence energy efficient

A good electrician will help you list all the solutions to transform your residence into an energy efficient one. This can include suggestions on the right lighting systems, such as LED and fluorescent lights. The correct home surge protection plans to save your house from damages to electrical appliances.

They are highly knowledgeable

We hire people to do the things that we cannot do. This can include flying a commercial jet, corporation litigation, repairing Teslas or more commonly hiring an experienced electrician.

Hiring a professional electrical contractor is particularly conspicuous during the times of home renovation when your residences are overflowing with cable, switches, outlets and lights that are needed to be installed properly.

Electrical jobs accompany plenty of risks and hazards. An inexperienced or amateur electrician will not be aware of the necessary precautions to keep themselves and the clients protected from these issues thus risking their alongside our health and lives in the process.

Even if you are aware of 92% of the electrical works, there are still that 8% that could end up hurting you.

Electrical works require permits

Whether you decide to rework your electrical arrangements or install new electrical systems in your house, you will need permits to carry on with the work.

However, a well-practiced electrical repair service provider will help you ease things up. Since, they will complete the work in the correct way to get the approvals easily. However, even if the permit does not get finalised, it is the responsibility of the electricians to get it right.