Our team of Electricians are always ready respond to 24 hrs for any emergency, during work hours or out of normal work hours we can help restore power.

24 hr Electricians for Emergency Response

Common faults that may occur:

  1. RCD tripping
  2. Circuit breaker tripping
  3. Electrical burning smell
  4. Electric shock from water taps
  5. Electrical arcing or flashes
  6. Section of house with lose of power
  7. Water leaking through Electrical fitting or appliance

What Should I Do ?

First thing to always remember is your safety, the safety of your family and other that could be effected.

Accidents in the home:

To avoid electrical incidents within the home, have a licensed electrician  regularly check the condition of your electrical wiring and consumer electrical installations connected to the home.

If an electrical accident occurs in the home:

  • in a life threatening emergency, call emergency services on 000
  • do not go near the injured person if they are still in contact with the electrical current
  • if the area is safe, check the victim for a response, breathing and pulse. If necessary start resuscitation. Do not touch burns, break blisters or remove burned clothing. Always seek medical advice after an electric shock, even if injury is not apparent
  • if the incident has happened in the home, report it to Western Power on 13 13 51, and contact a licensed electrician to check the wiring and consumer electrical installations connected to the home.

How to report an emergency

  1. Call emergency services on 000
  2. Call Western Power on 13 13 51
  3. Keep bystanders clear
    At least 6m from any impacted network infrastructure
  4. Wait for Western Power to attend to make the area safe

Minor Faults and Electrical problems: 

If your home is experiencing electrical faults please call us on 0410 548 994 we may be able to help trouble shoot over the phone and or set a time to come out and fault find and repair for you.