Are you in need of quality aircon installation, maintenance, cleaning and other related services?
We’ve got you covered! Here at ASTEC Electricians we deliver a complete range of air conditioning services such as installation, regas, cleaning and more to local clients in Perth, Eglinton and surrounding suburbs.

Air Conditioning Installation with Split System

We specialise in commercial and residential air conditioning installation, maintenance as well as cleaning and regasing.

We provide reliable and efficient air-conditioning installation as well as servicing for multi or split systems and ducted systems with all 100% installation work guaranteed.

When it comes to aircon cleaning, our scope of work includes the following:

  1. Cleaning and checking air filters, covers and front panels
  2. Checking on the purifying and deodorizing filter
  3. Cleaning and checking the indoor evaporator coil
  4. Cleaning and checking indoor drainage trays
  5. Brushing and checking the outdoor condenser coil
  6. Checking fan bearing and then lubricating if necessary
  7. Checking the compressor suction and discharging pressure
  8. Tightening of the electrical contacts

Aside from aircon cleaning, installation and regas, we also provide our clients some essential aircon maintenance tips. To help them maintain the ideal condition and function of their aircon, we advise them to:

  1. To ensure the efficiency of their aircon and check the filters each week
  2. Clean the filters using plain clean water or replace the filter if necessary
  3. Consider getting system maintenance services on regular basis
  4. Clean your air conditioning system at least one month before warm season starts
  5. Keep your units free from obstructions and debris
  6. Trim plants and shrubs near your aircon unit to ensure the right circulation
  7. If you’re having troubles with your air conditioning unit, call professional technicians.