Astec PTY Ltd specialises in providing phone, data and communications service in Eglinton. We develop efficient electrical solutions to make your data communication proficient and cost-effective.

Data transmission and switching specialists

Our team of expert technicians will install appropriate electrical wiring and required additional equipment to transfer data smoothly for transmission, encryption and security purposes.

We facilitate a reliable infrastructure to package your internet, television and phone service through one data communication service.

Our technicians will visit your home or workplace and set up all devices to be functional and compatible with the network for data communications and usage.

Phone networking, installation and repairing

Bought new Landline and need networking and connections? We set up electrical systems to comfortably install your phones and integrate them with other interactive devices for the ease of your communication at home, school or workplace. We also repair and maintain your phone to perfect condition.

If you need phone, data and communications services in Eglinton call us now for a no obligations quote!